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This set of stories from Uncle Arthur has a STORYGUIDE ™ Section with practical fun activities to help reinforce the values taught in the stories. Read such stories as "The Boy Who Saved the Pilgrims" about the voyage of the Mayflower and "God's Little Workshop" about George Washington Carver and the peanut and the story of "Susie and the Scissors."

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Prisoner For Christ

Robert Huang, a youth when China was Liberated, becomes the last Seventh-day Adventist minister arrested in Shanghai. A story by Stanley Maxwell written to biblical proportions, we see a hero like Samson fall and rise during the years when the church in Shanghai almost died.

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Uncle Arthur's ® THE BIBLE STORY Uncle Arthur's ® THE BIBLE STORY
Arthur S. Maxwell
Paperback 10 vol. set
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This phenomenal best-selling set of Bible stories is arguably the most complete and most accurate collection available. Beautifully illustrated with pictures your child will never forget. Cecil B. DeMille described the set as a wonderful translation of the Bible for children. These stories will bring the Bible alive for your child. President John F. Kennedy had this set available for John John and Carolyn. Queen Elizableth II asked Uncle Arthur for a set for the royal family.

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Uncle Arthur's Family
Uncle Arthur with his children: Maureen, Graham, Lawrence and Mervyn Maxwell--all authors in their own right. See

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